Forced Male Masturbation - Three Girls Force Guy to Cum

In today's forced male masturbation video three girls force a guy to cum after they catch him spying on them in the gym. The guy was having a sly peek at the girls while they were training and rubbing his cock through his shorts as he watched them. When one of the girls spotted him they threatened to report him to the management. He begged them not to report him and said he would do anything they asked.

Three Girls Force Guy to Cum

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By this time the girls were starting to enjoy the power they had over the guy and they decided to have some fun with him. One of the girls ordered him to drop his shorts. The guy started to complain but they reminded him that he had no choice and reluctantly he pulled his shorts down to his knees. He was naked underneath and his cock hung limply between his legs - causing great amusement amongst the girls who ordered him to start stroking it.

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