Men Forced to Masturbate - Forced to Masturbate for Wife

This addition to our collection of videos of men forced to masturbate features a guy forced to masturbate by his wife. The wife is angry after catching the guy looking at porn on the Internet and decides he needs to be punished. She tells him to strip naked as she watches from the couch and makes him dance round naked in front of her as she laughs and humiliates him.

Forced to Masterbate for Wife

Husband Forced by Wife - Watch Here

The wife then tells the guy that his balls need to be drained so that he won't need to look at any more porn. But she has no intention of helping him out. Instead she tells him to masturbate in front of her while she watches. The guy obeys and is soon stroking his hard cock for her. The wife is not satisfied and orders him to do it faster - holding out her hand to collect the cum that will soon be shooting from his cock.

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