Forced Male Masturbation - Three Girls Force Guy to Cum

In today's forced male masturbation video three girls force a guy to cum after they catch him spying on them in the gym. The guy was having a sly peek at the girls while they were training and rubbing his cock through his shorts as he watched them. When one of the girls spotted him they threatened to report him to the management. He begged them not to report him and said he would do anything they asked.

Three Girls Force Guy to Cum

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By this time the girls were starting to enjoy the power they had over the guy and they decided to have some fun with him. One of the girls ordered him to drop his shorts. The guy started to complain but they reminded him that he had no choice and reluctantly he pulled his shorts down to his knees. He was naked underneath and his cock hung limply between his legs - causing great amusement amongst the girls who ordered him to start stroking it.

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Femdom Forced Masturbation - Jerked by Two Women

This femdom forced masturbation video features a guy getting his cock jerked by two women. The guy is tied up to a table naked. He has no idea what his captors want from him until the two attractive women enter the room. They explain that they want his semen and that they will force it from him if necessary.

Jerked by Two Women

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As the women begin to manipulate the guy's cock he struggles and tries to break free from his restraints. He doesn't want to cooperate with his captors in any way and is suspicious of why these women would want his cum. The women advise him to relax and stop struggling otherwise they will make it more painful for him.

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Man Forced to Masturbate - Female Boss Punishment

This video features a man forced to masturbate by his female boss as punishment for perving over the pretty new office assistant. The guy was deliberately dropping things on the floor to try to get a glimpse up the new girl's skirt.  He was even slyly rubbing his cock through his pants as he eyed up her cleavage and lacy bra through a gap between the buttons of her blouse.

Female Boss Punishment

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When the boss spotted what was going on she called her employee into her office to give him a dressing down. She accused him of being a filthy pervert and threatened to humiliate him in front of the entire office if he did it again. The guy thought she was done with him but, just as he thought he had got off lightly, she seemed to have an idea. "Strip for me," she told him, "do it now! Or I will tell everyone what I caught you doing!"

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Guys Forced to Masturbate - Forced to Jack Off for Women

I know you guys like videos of guys forced to masturbate for women - so I know you will love this video of a guy forced to jack off by three chicks. The three women barged into the guy's hotel room one night when they were all a bit drunk and got lost trying to find their own room. When they found the guy naked on his bed watching the hotel porn channel they decide to have a bit of fun with him.

Forced to Jack Off for Women

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When three drunk women suddenly burst into his room this guy was naturally shocked and started to try to cover himself up. But the three women were having none of it and pulled his hands away so that they could examine his cock. One of the women said it wasn't hard enough and that he should do something about it. The guy was reluctant at first but the women insisted and forced him to masturbate for them.

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Men Forced to Masturbate - Forced to Masturbate for Wife

This addition to our collection of videos of men forced to masturbate features a guy forced to masturbate by his wife. The wife is angry after catching the guy looking at porn on the Internet and decides he needs to be punished. She tells him to strip naked as she watches from the couch and makes him dance round naked in front of her as she laughs and humiliates him.

Forced to Masterbate for Wife

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The wife then tells the guy that his balls need to be drained so that he won't need to look at any more porn. But she has no intention of helping him out. Instead she tells him to masturbate in front of her while she watches. The guy obeys and is soon stroking his hard cock for her. The wife is not satisfied and orders him to do it faster - holding out her hand to collect the cum that will soon be shooting from his cock.

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